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... as being aeally important world ty. drewarvis: washington, d.c., fe like a very safe commuty as we grew u we played outsiduntil dark. vich: to us, the president of the united states was the yor. the congre was the city council. everything, thought, in life was the yor. was controlled downtown at the government agencies and on capit hill. colbert king: we all sorof had a feeling that this was t the way it was always gointo be, that somehow it coulchange, but toward wha i can't say really knew. [frank satra singing high hes] john kennedy: preserveprotect and defe the constitution of the united ates. earl warren: so help you god kennedy:o help me god. narrator: for many t feeling change was on s way came from kennedy's elecon, and itpromise of a more integred and cosmopolitan cy. natra: ♪ ...just remembe that ant ♪ povich: i grew up in whington, and i knew thi- this was a town of southern whites ansouthern blacks. southern congrsmen, cause they had the tenure icongress, all their ite constituents uld get all these jobs washington, d.c., so there is huge influ and the was a huge influx
the ptions tonigh on "washington week." >> we don quit. i don't quit. gwen: t president's big speech castsa spotlight on a critical political ilemma. we have o recognize that we face more tn a deficit f dollars right now. weface a deficit of tst. gwen: he took on washington. >> what rustrates the america people is a ashington where every day is election day. gwen: but blamehis own failings on poor cmmunication. >> i take my hare of the bla for not eplaining it mor clearlto the american people. gwen: and today the preident took his complaint dirctly to hi most consistent detractors house republicns. >> am one of 22 house freshmen. we ddn't creat this mess but are here to help clea it up. gwen: wh happens now on job creation? on ealth care? on bipartisahip? >> we're gng to lookfor common ground but we'r not going to roll over n our principles. gw: after a year of modest successes and setbacks, we assess the statef the union with the reprters coverin the wee peter baker of "he new york times." dabalz of "the washington post." oria borger of nn. andjohn harris politico. > award-winning eportin
theoptions tonit on "washington week." >> we d't quit. i don't quit gwen:he president's b speech cast a spolight ona critical politicaldilemma. >> we haveto recoizethat we face more han a deficit of dollars right now. face a dficit of trust. gwen: he took on washngton. >> whafrustrates the amerin people is a washingtonwhere every day is election day. gwen: but blams his own failings on poor ommunication. >> i take myshare of the blme for not xplaining it me cleay to the american peopl gwen: and today the prsident took his complaint diectly to s most consient detracto, house republans. i am one of 22 ouse freshmen. we idn't creae this mess but we are here to help cln it up gwen: at happens no? on jobcreation? on health care? on bipartinship? >> we'reoing to look for common ground but wee not going to roll overon our principles. en: after a year o modest successes and setback we asse the sta of the union with the reorters coverg the wk. peter baker of the new york times." n balz of "the washington post." gloria borger of cnn. and jhn harris of olitico. >>award-winning reprting an analys
it wh washington but not necsarily with the president, although it is clear that the numbers of americanthink the presint has paid too little atttion to the economy and too much to health care. wednesday ght, the president was talking lot about jobs. >> people arout of wor ey are hurting. they need our help. i want a jobs bill on my desk withoudelay. >> a yrgo, much of the country was in love th young president read a lot of that has faded. a loof his criti say that he is to detach and use riegel. t think the speech- and to strugg. do you think the speech took care of that, mark? >> can this marriage be saved? polls are-1 in favoraldry these pos are badly misleading,- 2-1 favorab. theseolls are badly misleading, because theyeflect the audience that what is it, whh is partisan. this speech will not be a game changer, to use e washington cliche. it is a ep in the right direction, but a sll step. >> charl? >> ihought it w a great success, apart from being arrogant, condescding, dismissive, self-coling, petulant, and lecturing itown. it was wderful. look, this is a man who was re
provides context. then, a roundtable with three "washington week" panelists whose books ll us much about the year just passed and t year toome. dan balz, author o"the battle for america 2008: thetory of aextraordinary ection," joan biskupic, theuthor of "american original,a biography of the supreme court justic annin scalia, davisanger, authoof "the inherance," a ook at t challenges of o foreign policy. >> celebrating 40 years of journalistic eellence, from our nati's capital, this is "washington week" withwen ifill. produced in associati with "national journal." corporate funding for "washiton week" is provided b -- >> we know why we'r here. to esign the futu of fligh inside and out. >> build omorrow's technogy in amazing ways. >> and resape th scienc of aerosce forever. >> around theglobe, the people ofoeing re working togeer for the dreams of generations to come. >> that's whywe're here. >> the johns hopkin global m.b.a integrating expertise with intertional understanding to develop leaders fr a better world. the johs hopkins carey busine school, where bsiness is taug with umanity in
: welcome to the broadcast. we're live tonight from london, new york and washington. earlier this evening, president oba delivered his rst state of t union address fore joint session of ngress. e economy was th maj focus of tonight's sech. the psident outlined vario propals to create jobs and tale the growin deficit. addressing the debate on healthre, he reaffirmed his commitment to corehensive reform >> the longer it wa debated more depl became skeptical. i know th all e lobbying and horse trading the process left most americans wonderinghat's in it forme. but i also know this probl is not gog away. by the time i'minished speang tonight, more americans ll have los their health insurance. millions willose it this year. ou deficit will grow. premiums wi go up. patients will be denied the care they need. small business ners will continue to drop covere altogether. i will not walk awayrom these americans, and neither should the pele in this chamber. [cheers and applause >> he asked t t parties to work through their differences. >> to democrats, i remin you we have the largest majoryn decas
examines why there's no ss moveme demanding fundamental change. and blger kevin drum tours washington'seart of darkness om down pennsylvania avenue, over to k street where t lobbyists cluster ke vultures, then past thlocal branch of goman sachs-- also known as the u.s. treasy-- and up to capitol hill, where key membs kneein supplication to receive their morning tithes from e holy chuh of the almighty dollar. as kevinrum writes, a year after e biggest bailouts in u.s. historywall street owns washington lock,tock and debit ca. kevin drum, formerlyith "washington monthly," is nowhe political blogger at "moer jones." he'sere to talk about his report, along with dav corn, who'been covering washington for 23 years and is now other jones" washiton bureau chief. welcome to you both. >>oyers: welcome to both of >> good to bwith you, bill. >> moyers: let me re you a leer that was posted on our website a few days ago fm a faithful viewe s name is mike demmer. i don't know him personally,ut i like to hearrom him. he says, "dear bl, i watch your pgram all the time. what ion't understand is how a b
that what is it, whicis partisan. this speech will not be a game changer, to use th washington cliche. it is a st in the right direction, but a sma step. >> charles >> i tught it was great success, apart from being arrogant, condescenng, dismissive, self-coddng, petulant, and lecturing in wn. it was wonrful. look, this is a man who was buked in three stas -- virginia, new jersey, and overwhelmily in massachusetts, and gives a speech in which everyone is to blame -- the democrats, theepublicans, and the citizens, cept him. >> colby >> am not sure i can give quite the rave view that trust it. -- than a charles just days. got a bomb inhe polls, but terms of the audience, -- a mpn the pollsut in terms of the audience right the, i don'think it chang one vote. i think he has aough job ahead him, republicans will remain where they are, and he will have to fight harto get democts to do things he wants to do. >> jnne, what y think? >> agree with colby. i ought was a better sech than most people here do. i though was a good sech. he was not doing tt gauzy inspiratnal thing and was more convers
, this is "washington week,with gwen ifill produced in association with nationa journal. corporate funding is proided by -- gwen: good evning. if aft a week like this, you were looking for sigs of how things changed when itomes to the dministration's approa to thattempted chrstmas day bombing, ok to language. presint obama was back to using the tm terrorist insead of etremist to describe the suspects and fter another typicly tart verbal asault from former viceresident cheney, he was taking pain to remind us that he's ot a ofty. >> were at war. we're at ar against al qaeda, far eaching netork of violence and mat red that attacked uson 91 and that kild 33,000 eople and is ploting to strike us again. we will dwhat it takes o defeatthem. gwen: peter baker as been lookingt the stance on terrorm and the imits ofits capabilits. when the president talks bout a dodged bullet, hesaw nea daster on christmas day an perhaps for h legacy an how people rememr him. right. imagine beg president of th unitedtates, whether you're george buh or barack obama that omething in the country ould happen that cometely changes
to a busy new ar tonight on "washington week." noin h.. >> ultimately the buck tops with me. aspresident, ihave a solemn responsibility to otect our nationnd our people. when the sytem fails its my responsibili. >i told the preident todayi let mb down. i told him that iwill do btter and e will better as a tam. >>t the end of the week, one thing is clar. there's plety of blame to go round as officials sech for planation at the whitehouse, in a detro courtroom an on capitol hill and at the cental intelligce agency. moing the loss of seven f its own in afghanitan. on the domestic front, politician rules the day as leadin democts leave the fray. >> ere are moments for each elected public oficial to step aside and let somee else sep up this is mymoment tostep aide. gwen: healtcare ngotiations behind closed doors. >> m presiden i'm sorry t say th first time in ameican history, for the rst time in american hisry a mill party has chosen o stand othe sidelines. >> i don't think we're the sidelines in any wa. gwen: part -- partnership heart -- har at wrk. andourguests. live from the natn's capio
is the facthat we have so mandemands on ourime. when you pic up your paper whether it is "the washington post" or"the new york times," you coulbe sure that whatou read would ge you a great picture of at was going on in washington, at wasoing on around the world. the dend that it made on your time w so much less than the demand on your time now, with this very fragmented wayople are gettingheir news, people are getting the entertainment. > you check thenternet, you check this, youheck that >> exactly. you have to go to so many sources, this gigantic menu of plac where you can pick your news, pi your enttainment selections. it is too much work to do whaa paperid in a very compressed way. >> this is going to sound like heresy, but i am going to put this out as an argument. could it be argued that at is really th more democratic way to do it,he more egalitari y to do it? to l people decide what it is they are interested in, as opposed to some elitis who say from their offishat peoplehould know this and have no need to know this? >> with your argument - ahmad >> iis not my argument, it is ju -- >> in
was fedt said no more businesss usual in washington, d.c. op this on savoring process call health care reform. >> the voters were not ane. the discontent is reflecd a round of the u.s. 53% now approve of the way the esident is doing the job. that is down 15 points from a year ago. 52% think that the country is on the wrong track. the plan to give americans health care is a mey business. it is not clear what it means for average ericans. 51% are opsed to the changes, 44% are in favor. unemoyment has been high and the recovery h been painfully ow. only 60%pprove ofis handling of the onomy. in bton, there were those that ted f obama for psent and then sehat went republican yesterday. >> iwas not st obama, it wa sending a message. enough is ough. tryg to push this health care an through, do you know anythingbout it? >> if we voted for health care the wa iis, it would cost us aot more moy. >> the prident has said that health care will note rammed throh. other presidents have been in some situations d stormed back when the economy recovered >> day of new terror but alo some more hopeful gns.
. everyone was sort of chaed upbout it. all of washington is actually very excited abt it. peopleere thrilled. mean, and democrats were very thrilled. the president's naturay going to dominatan event like tha he's got the podiu theyre just holding ndhelds. but republicans re thrilled too. i spoke to a bunch of republicans who were tre afteards and people who are-- . >> lehr: what did they y. they were happy. theyaid he said all along we don have plans but over and ov again he acknowledged yeah, wdo ha alternatives, we've been offering them. so they acknowledged that got most of the time, did very well. but they werthrilled that they got sompoints across. and they we thrilled by e exchange. and i think americans wi be thrled by the exchange, to t extent they see it anwill it lead to a mass depolarizaon, not exactly, viously. and you know, there are fundamenl differences on manys like hlth care there arjust different apoaches. bui think one of the things the presint did very well is list a whole series of thgs on which there is not necessarily differences. things like-- >> lehrer: he ma a poin
can hear this cheering allhe way in washington, d.c.! applause ) >> ifill: brown's definitive victory overtate attorney general martha coaey left senate democra with 59 votes. at's one short of the super- majority the party's useto get key lls passed. and itnstantly raised questis about the fate of heal care reform legislation. brown campgned against the democrat health care bills. he argued ey would pose an fair burden on massachusetts which already has its own alth care system. thisorning, the senator-elect said what he opposes is shington's approach to healt care. >> i think it's importt for everyo to get some sort form of health care. so, to offer a basic plan fo everybody, ihink, is important. it's jusa question of whether wee going to raise taxes, we're going to cut hf a trillion from dicare, affect vetera' care. i think we can do itetter. >> ifill: republicans deared voters sent a clr message in yesterday-that democrats need tolow down. >> i'm convinc now that no gamesmansh will be played by the other side wh regard to futureotes in the senate >> the american people hav spok. t
of dollars. at e haitian embassy in washington this pasweekend, woers were inundated with bgs of clothes and sulies. one of the busit centers of aid is in south orida, which has one of the largest concentratns of haitians in the country. kimawton reports that church officis and faith-based volunteers e working tirelessly to providfood and medical pplies. they are also grapplinwith the often-ked question: why did god let the earthquake hpen? >> reporter: at a sml airport in fort pierce, florida, christian aviati ministry called ssionary flights internaonal has been working around the clock, tryi to get desperately needed lp into haiti. hundredsf volunteers from local churches are soing and packing donations that haveome in from across the u.s from food and water to medic supplies, cthes, and even fuel. and m.f.i. pilots are flyg in the cargo d emergency personnel as fasas they can. it's a great feeling. you know, most pele like to help each other we found at here. it's just amazing wh's come together here. people wa to help do something and you find out at they do d what they can do and p
see unemployment comg down by this time nextear. daen gersh, "nightly business report", washington. >> tomhere are the stories in toght's "nbr newswheel". so much r wall street's early gains that strong g.d.p. number. stocks turned uth at midday on worries the pace of econom growthan't stay that high. commity and tech stocks were hit hard. the dow fell 53 ints, the nasdaq dropped 31,nd the s&p 500 was down ten. a oser look coming up in "market focus". toyota ss a fix is coming soon. next week, the aomaker plans to tell millions of stomers how it will fix their gas pedals. the associated pss reports toyota is shippi new gas pedal assemblies to its plan to get production rolling ain. honda, the other b japanese carmaker, is recling the honda fit for a potential fireazard. nearly 650,000 of the coact cars a at risk around the world. the motor the power windows could overheat and cch fire. and tesla moto, a boutique maker of eleric sportscars, wants to go mastream. late tay it filed for a $100 millioinitial public offering. itill use the money to develop its brand. >> susie: now that
lks grim. >> susie: tom, the day aft a big republican senatwin in massachuses, washington re- thin the push for a comprehensive overhaul. >> t: our coverage tonight begins with that sate health care bill. as darren gersh reports, eve democratic lawmars are pushing to slodown now that voters in e deepest of the blue states e seeing red. >> reporter:sked point blank if he would stick by the sate health carbill, senate majorityeader harry reid emed to blink. >> i am confidenthat health care is an iss in this country and we are going to everything we can tolleviate e pain and suffering of peop who cat afford health care and who want tmaintain what they ve. >> reporter: reid anpresident obama agreed they would noact until the man who signs autographs a"number 41" actually takes office. for s part, massachusetts senator-elect scott own, argues it is timto start over. >>t's just a question of whether we are going traise taxes, we're going to cut half a trillion from medicare, wee going to affect terans care. i think we can do better. >> rorter: in an interview with abc new the president s
the president's agenda >> it is jut nice beng out of washington. leme say. and there arenice people in washingt but --in can rive you crazy. gwenamid aftershocks a consion, the world cops with the devastation n aiti. covering the wek, jhn biskic u.s.a. today and john harwood of cnbcand the "new york times" time and artha radatz f abc news. ♪ gwen: good evening. perhaps we shouldave seen it coming, when the upreme court went out of its wato hear new arguments inwhat was onsidered a etty tangen shall campaign financecase. and the citizs turne out to be a important platfor for them to say that may conservatives have argued for years, money equa speech, t court ruled. so many limits oncampaign nance contributions vial hate theconstitution. but practically, at does the decion good and what doesn't it? >> a threhold, the many thing itoes for what i going to happen in 200 elections, is corporations cann be limied in the independent eenditures they do on behalof a candidate. in this case, it was a mie that -- that itizen's united did that was a ad against hillary clinton. it was a documentary but he
.s. contractors to washington for a tri for a crime allegedly coited in a war zone. and baghd, people in iraq have reay wanted to know w is this going to play out. how is the u.s. dicial system going to hale this case? are we going to get stice? so judge ricardo you arebina led today. what did he say. he w the he sense the ruli and what reasons did he give for it? >> he threw out the tire case. he dmissed the indictment againsall five member. and the reason was he basically said that prosecutors ossed the line. and theyishandled eviden. whatappened is after the shooting, the state departmentame in and said to the conactors, we want to know what happened. tell uwhat happened. and as pt of -- as part of their contct they have to tell the state departmt. but that is a --n legal tes a coerced statement. th're required to give it and so as part of e deal, yogive us a statement about what hapns, we'll use it for our intnal investigatn and we won't use those stements in any crimin prosecution. t what happened was those statements were us in the criminal case. they were usedo underpin search warrant, the
, that is what washington does every spee. it becomes a speech ofhe lifeti. doubt it's an important speech a it's an important speech because aricans have been through a very diffult time and there looking for a sense of what the future wl hold. the present is going to talk about where we've been andhere we're ing and how we create jobs in this country that pay we, see wages grow, and secure the middle class ain after this very difficult peri we've beenhrough. >> ifill: the president is pected to call for a the-year spending-- freeze on some domestic spending, d, yet also for an increase in educion spending. hodo you balance all that out? >> just likeny family or busiss does, gwen. evybody in hard times has to ke chces. you have to priotize. you have to do withouthe things you can dwithout in order to p for the things do you. educatn has to be a priority for this country because it'so much tied to t quality of life that our young ople will live, analso thcompetitiveness of our country. so we have to make tse investments. but we'rgoing to have to do without some other things. the president will
his state othe union speech an analysis with j meacham of "newsweek anne rnblut of the "washington post" and tom defrank of e "new york ily ns". he has been defined byother ople. he has been defined as a radical and he has faile to fightack. >> he has to do mething that is, i thin, countertuitive for th as a white hoe. he ran hiswn biography. people... it was about him in the camign. he n has t make iabout the voters >> he can't go t the left because heoesn't have the votes in congress for t anda that he thought he... that he thought he would have th the point. he just doesn't have the votes so he has nohoice but to go to the center but keep hi seine terrorism twined up with the populist appealnd that's going to be tough. >> rose: we continuehis evening with the number-one book in the coury. is it about politics and th eltion of 2008, "game chang is theook. the authors are mark halperin and john heilemann. >> there has to be a progra th fits into that narrative that appesto obama republans just as reaganad a program that appled to reagan democrs. rose: or independents or grth in w
abortions. hiclinic closed after his death. thousands rallied washington in the annual "march forife". it was the 37th anniveary of the supreme courdecision of roe v. wade that legaled aborti. the anti-abortion crowd ralld at the white hse, and then moved on tthe supreme court. a handl of abortion rights supporte were also present. downpours sed today as the latest pacific storm med out of southern california. the risk for mudslides and flooding remained, especiall for residents inhe foothills of thean gabriel mountains. a state emergency was clared in five counties afte nearly ten incheof rain this week. still,ocal officials said many evacuation orders in los anges county will soon be fted. those are me of the day's main stories. i'll be ck at the end of the program with a preview of at you'll find toght on the newshour's web sit but for now, bacto jim. >> lehrer: and sll to come on the newsur: shlds and brooks; d who's in charge of the internet? that follows a rdown of a remarkab few days in politics. judy woodrf has the story. cheers and applause >> woodruf president obama ended
in afghanistan tha killed seven of his employees. in an etorial in the "washington post,"panetta dismisseclaims that agents had practid poor trade craft. the public defense came days after presidt obama acknledged security missts th led to al qda's attempt to bring dn a u.s. airline on christmaday. in addition, t mitary's highest-rankin intelligence ofcer in afghanisn released a crital self-assessment last week. major general chael flynn wrote thatnalysis was unable to understand and answer fundamtal questions about the war. joining me now from washington david ignatius, he's a columnist in for t "washington post." he also cove th intligence mmunity and writing novels about it. in berkeley, california, bob baer, former c.a. officer. in new york, mark mzetti of the "new york times." he covers naonal security sues for the newspaper. m pleased to have all of them here to talk aut this impoant subject. vid, you and i have had ny conversations abouthe c.i.a. and aboutc.i.a. activities, incling fiction coming out of you mind andalso what's often sed on things at you know from thereal le. tell me what
" magazine in washington, tom defrank of the "new york dai news" and an kornbt of the "washington post." i'm pleased to have all of the heres we take a look at ts week, ich is important for the present, and a state of th union which is very imptant to hi i should mtion the inspirati gap, howhe trailblazer of 2008 became the stymied president of 2010 this is your magazinethis week. how did that happen? >> wl, he h cleay found that history is a me compcated matter tn the speech phiing and the glamour, real, of the campaign. in pitics, you don't get credit for whatdidn't happen. so i think we should say that he d in concert with the outing administration and with hi own folks, he did keep out of a more severe downturnn 2009. to my mind, th real problem has been tt he has a kindf intelltual snobbishness about being simple and clear abou what hwants the country to be. wh does he want it to look like whehe leaves? and it soundodd to sa that soundbites are important, but they are. jesus smoke tm, and his stuff haaged rathewell. >> rose: (laughs) >> presint reagan spoke in them,franklinroosevelt
scott brown. i am drive a truck. >> this will "inside washington 8 on," a polical knocked out. republicans win ted kennedy's senate seat. >> people do not want the trillion dollar heal care plan. >> what happen to heal care reformow? >> thibill is dead. >> supreme court reopens the money deposit in politics. corporates and unions are back big time. president obama cas forank reform n. >> ey want a fight, it ifive years e ready to hav >> what does scott bro's victy mean forhe election ar ahead? >> interesting anniversary present. >> who would have preferred a cake. >> this is a stunning, and for democrats, an ominous development. ♪ >> hlo. solicing i gordon peterson in for. -- i am sitting in gordon peterson for. scott brown one the senate seat anbeat democrats martha akley and billy an the special election f ted kennedy's ssachusetts senate seat. within 24 hours of his victory, the health care rerm bill in its curre form was dying. and anotr blockbuster vo thursday. the supreme court votto strike do parts of the camign law, corporate andunion money will be back in the game b
of the union address president ama left washington for firstest of publi opinion. he attended a town hall meeting in florida to question -- and took questions from the audience and announced a high- speed train oject. it is partof a bigger plan to create or save thounds of jobs. what are his chces of wning over a sktical public and a divid congress? our special coespondent in washgton. >> what struck me was how much e speech was meant fr americans, not the rest of us. it was5 minute unt the president addressedoreign- policy. even though the u. is fighting two ws and struggling to upgrade its national securit my guest believes this is an exllent speech that said that what -- accomplishewhat it set outo . >> this was not a spee to get people jumping up and down. we're in e middle of a ep recession. with thesewo wars going on. he has had serious political setbacks, so heeeded to give a speech that would show the public that wachastened by what had happen, understood the anger out the at the failure to de with unployment and otherroblems, but wa nack on his hels an instead was moving forrd.
address. what can he do to meet the approval ofthe american public i askeour corresponnt in washington. >> the last democratic president bill clinton sai it was all about the econy. he needs to shodonight, ke, that he feels th pain of those sing their jobs. how will he it? we brought together experts to have watched dozens of these occasions betweenou. patrick, first -- what you think willee tonight? >> i think obama's choice is beeen being thebama of 2009 to play t the basef his party,eryiberal, printing mone and this is on health care,eform -- so-call -- compared to the candidate of 20 who was attending tbe somethi for everyon mor moderate in hi langue and prescriptions. at the he will oose to go back be the new old obama of 2008, appeal to middle americ independent vors. that is those pele in the majori of the coury who have focused on jobs and the economy and housing. >> michael do you agree tt he may ha to get ay from the base? >> i think thats right. adding there was a fundamental misreading of the last election -- i think that was right. i thinkthere was a fundamental mieading
, that was a ho topic even outsi washington. connecticut's democratic senor chris dodd saitoday he will not rufor another term, a decision that could ha big imications for financial reform >> tom: do chairs the powerful sete banking committee, which is in the midst of re-writing the rules for walltreet. as stephanie dhue reports, dodd's decision toall it quits comeafter a year that threw his political future io question. >> reporter:utside his connecticut home, senator dd made aapology of sorts. there have been times when positions d actions have caused some of you to estion th confidence. i regrethat. >> repter: questions about his ties to the financl services dustry have dogg dodd in his re-election effort do had a mortgage through countrywide's v.p. program and he ao played a role in apoving the payment of a.i.g. bonuses. but dodd says still has work to do. >> my service is not ove i still have one yr left on my coract with the people of connecticut. one year from this wee our state will have a new setor. in the meantim we have important work to do. >> reporter: dodd has been champion for a n
topic even outde washington. connecticut's democratic sator chris dodd sd today he will not n for another term, a decision that could ve big plications for financial refo. >> tom: dd chairs the powerful nate banking committee, whic is in the midst of re-writin the rules for wa street. as stephanie dhue report dodd's decision call it quits cos after a year that threw his political futurento question. >> reporte outside his connecticut home, senatododd maden apology of sorts. >> there have been times whemy positionand actions have caused some of you tquestion at confidence. i regr that. >> rorter: questions about his ties to the finaial services industry have doed dodd in his re-election effo. dd had a mortgage through countrywide's i.p. program and helso played a role in proving the payment of a.i.g bonuses. but dodd sayhe still has work to do. >> my service is not or. i still have oneear left on my ntract with the people of connecticut. one year from this wk, our state will have a new nator. in the meante, we have important work to do. >> reporter: dodd has be a champion for
uncomfortablclose racial profing. our correspondent in washington. >> i tnk they are coming closer. ihink that is a geine shift. there is a fear over how close they came in detit to a real terrorist disaster, so i think therwas support for this quite radical change inpolicy, and i do wonder if esident bush was sll in office, and ihe had announced sh a change, and if there would ha been some outrage om the left. >> and president oama is just cong up to e year in office. >> yes, he has national secuty to deal wh and all of the policy and the argument er that, but, mike, if you ok at the economic news, there were good figures manufacturing, bu otherwi, if you look at the real estate market or jobs, people are ling in fear of osing their jobs >> and what out the key lestones coming up? >> wl, we have two coming up. one is just in a couple of weeks' time, and then towards the en of januarbeginning of febrry, youlso have the state of the union speech. that is where you expect the president todeclare that the state of the union is stro. what it will likely point to is the passage of health refo
of bt sells. including "america sketches." heoins us tonight from washington good t have you ba on the program. >> and gooto be back wh you. tas: let me start b asking whher or n to yourind the were any immedte compasons, or not so immediate comparisons, that you drew between what we in towd with hurricane katrinan new orleans and ate are seeing in haiti as we speak. >> let me start with a good ings. there isomething about the human heart that has benevolence, compassion. when somhing is happening to somne else thatis bad, pople want to help peoplare still coming into new orlns to help. that was the same instinct in iti. the darker side of itin new orleans whether it was that the state level, the national lvel, or the loc vel, like you did not have great governance. you do not hav people worki togher efficiently in the vernment. likewise we have tt oblem in haiti. we talk about leadship i lot. bothof those situations prove that good leadership mters. tas: it does mter, but as good learship matter only during a isis? or before you get in? there culd heeen better leadershipon ever
. >> this is my moment to step aside. >>his week on "inside washington two prominent sete democrats announced their retirements, and as a result, there is joy in lk radioville. >> these democrats during the obama ko-aid and they are committing polital suicide. >> but are rorts of their impending demise exaggerated? >> am ss interested in passing out blame and then i am in leaing from and correcting these mistakes toake us safer. ultimately, the bk stops with me. >> the wte house releases a report on the ristmas day and where mber. it is t at the tail. vernors cry out in pain as they feelhe effects of the battered enomy. also,uns in nbaocker room. no laughg matter. captioned by the natial captioning institute mark twain once cabled back to the united stes from london that repor of his death had been gatly exaggerated. decrat leaders have been sang that in washingn following the news tt two senators and a democtic governor had decidedot t and for rlection. north data senator byron dorgan, elected in 1982 after2 years and the house, is steppg down, -- elected in 1992 after 12 ye
, the "washington post" reportstoday that american military teams and intelligence agencies have been dely involv in secret joint operations wi yemeni trapsor the last six weeks. those trps have reportedly killed six of th 15 top laders the al qaeda affiliate in yemen. the post reports the operations unvolv severa den troops fm the use military's clandestine command whe main miion sow tracki is killing suspected trusts. the ameran advisers tonight take part in raids i yes, ma'am yep, but hem plan missions, he witactics and pvided weaponand unitions. high sensitivintelligence is being shared with yeme forces. for more on thehallengef fausz dealinwith alaeda and other problem, we're joined by a professor of near eastern studies. thanyou very much for joing . >> thank you. >> the "waington post," is saying the unitestates is deeply volved in secret military operaons in yen. according to your sources in yen, how scessful have these operations bee and what are th chances of al qaa being 'tis abld? >> the u.s. governmentas supported some elemts within the yemeniovernment to fight called called. in fact
and pressurerom washington. >> reporter: after bling out the bankers in 2008 d 2009, washington is begiing 2010 by attacking th. philngelides, the chairman of the cris commission, tried to pin downhe c.e.o.s of the nati's big banks, holding them responsible for thr actions in the financial meltdown. beginning wi a goldman sachs stragy of betting against mortgage securities it was selling to clients. that touched off apirited exchan. >> it sounds little bito me like selling a car witfaulty brakes and then bung an insurae policy on the buyers of those cars. it just doest seem to that is a practice at inspires confidce. >> every purchaser oan asset re is an institution probabl professional only investor dicated to this business. >> representing pension fus who have the life savingof police officers, teacher >> tse are the professional investors who wa this expore. >> reporte blankfein argued wall street wamostly a middle man helping package and sell securities thaother sophistited investors were eager to buyand are still bung. >> en today, people are coming us for exposure to these ve instrument
and health re on life support. and we bring ou an eyewitness report on iti. tonight on "washington week." >>let the american people decide how much ney isenough. sunshineeally does work if you allow it to. >> the roberts court has turned back the clo on our democracy by over a century. gwen: inone major decision, the supreme court rolls backdecades of campaign financ imits. quhile whi political upheaval of anoer ind rock the capital as masachusetts voters pick rublican senar scot brown. and w much will be the 41st republican senator eaken the president's agenda? >>it is jusnice being out of washington. let say. and there are ice people in washingtonbut -- n can drive you crazy. gwen: id aftershocks and confuion, the world copes with e devastation i haiti. covering te week, john biskupic ofu.s.a. todayand john hrwood of cnbc and the "new york times" time and martha raddtz of abc news. ♪ gwen: good evening. perhaps we should he seen it coming, when the spreme court went out of its way o hear new arguments in hat was cnsidered a prty tangenthall campaign finance ase. and the citizens tu
trustworthy? >> from the knight stuos at the neeum in washington, d.c., i'm frank sesno. helloand weome to "the future of news," our coersation about old and nemedia and what it means for news and for all of us in e digital age. i'm happy to be joined today by 2 award-winng journalists in theorld of ternational reporting. ann curry of nbc news may be bt known for hework on the "today" show and "dateline,"ut she's also disnguished herself in global humanitarian rerting. she reported on the crisis in darfur when few western reporters were the and has returned to rica repeatedly to cover th conflicts sudan, chad, and e congo. she's also repted from the middle st and from iran for that country's presidential election. crles sennott, longtimforeign correspondent for th"boston gle," was bureau chief in both jerusalem anlondon and has morehan 25 years of experience covering the world. 's now the exutive editor of a new venture, an entirely web-bed serve devoted exclusively to glob news. it's called globa post. so welme to you both. >> thank it's nice to see you, frank. >> all right, wenow wha
sector. the areas have so much power in washington thathe only force a prident has and obama has itore than anyon else is the power to draw on public vigor. tavis: but if the white house that is to s the people around him, maybe eve the president himself, if the view those who are pushing him holding him accountable out of respe because we want toee him succeed in the white house, if they takthat asushback rather than a move to push them forward, thais to say, if they take whatou and others are doing, what i mighbe saying as an attack against th, then how doe become the wind at their backs, so to speak? >> well, i think it's a question how we voice our desires and hopes and dreams. it's a questn of barack obama's mpemembering all of the enmously inspiring etoric and ideas. it wasn't st rhetoric that he shared with the public. the public in this cntry didn elect barack obamao go and shake hands andake nice-nice with his adversaes. they didt do that. he wasn't elected by 80% of the public. he w elected by half of e publ who thought, i thi quite rightly, that had what gone on for the last
, who reports on politicfor the "washington post." amy, different men, differen states, differenreasons? >> different reasons , both have been there a very long time. they wereoth were looking at competitive races and bothaid wh, it's time to go out on top. i think it's interesting , too, en you look at where these reoning compelatively, in the dorgan situation youook a seat that waseally not on the table-at least not yet coo and put at basically into what i would say rit now is a lean republican column. and the take the other and put it in aore safely democratic column. theyssentially swapped out each other. ere's a psychological toll i takes. we can talk structurally whait means, althougthere are more democraticeats in danger than republicans. fundamentally, whadoes this say to other democrats, hoe and senate-- but mtly in the use-- who may be looking at what ty want to do in 2010 as well. ey see two longtime, well-rpected members saying it's n really worth it for me to come back. do they want to comeack thselves? >> ifill: chris, perhapsy favorite line in chrisodd's announceme today
to washington with this. the priority for the presint is to figure out what's wng with the counterteorism in the ited states with homeland security rather than looking for some specific countermeasure to send a message to yemen or somaa or anyone else. stev >> well, i think he's going assess the threat reporting as it is now d make sure that he feelfully informed aut the liable informationbout current threats that's outhere i think they're enged in retaliatoraction in yemen but through yemen security forces to the greatest possible extent. so they n't use u. forces and crowbout it. ther try to build a more sustnable campaign with the yemen government as a partner. then they'll be rutinizing theirown internal fenses, cluding information sharing and transportation secity to make sure thathey have scrub it had system as troughly as they can. think more broly what you see the esident looking r hes an approach to communication and command of the war againsal qaeda as he chacterized it now that it's his own. this ithe first time since his inaugurati that he has been required by events to defe
som larger position of leadership. let me go back to washington with this. the priority for the predent is to figure out what'srong with the counterrrorism in the united states with homeland security rather than looking for some specific countermeasure to send a message to yemen or solia or anyone else. ste? >> well, i think he's goingto assess the threat reporting a it is nowand make sure that he fes fully informedbout the reliable information about current threats that's out there i think they're eaged in retaliaty action in yemen b through yemi security forces to the greatest possible extent. so theywon't use.s. forces and cr about it. rather try to build a more suainable campaign with the yemen government as a partner. then they'll bescrutinizing their own internadefenses, including information sharin an transportatio surity to make sure th they have scrub it had system ashoroughly as they can. i think more badly what you see thepresident lookingfor re is an approach to communication and command the war agait al qaeda as he aracterized it now that it's his own. this
it future on hold? (applause) you see, washington has be tellinus to wait for decades. even as the prlems have grown worse. meanwhile, chi piece not waiting to revamits economy. germany is n waiting. india's not waiting. these nations are... they'reot standing still. these naons aren't playing for second place. they're puttinmore emphasis on math and science they're rebuilng their infrastructure they're making serious investments in clean energ cause they want those jobs. well, i do not accept seco place for the unitedtates of america! (cheers and plause) as hard as it y be, as uncomfortable and contenous as the debates may become, 's time to geserious about fixing the problems tt are hampering our growth . now, one place to staris serious financiareform. look, i am n interested in punishing bank i'm interest in protecting our economy. a strong, althy financial marketakes it possible for businesses to accessredit and crea new jobs. it channels thsavings of families with vestments that raise incomes. t that can only happen if we guard against thsame recklessne that nearly brought wn our in
washington. so, e game that got played is to thwa anything we would do. this is the group we had t work with. there are looking in the open source trying gain t cooperatn from these other ople, where we got absolutely nowhere. they played with u but what did work is a lot of people came rward with information. some accate, some inaccurate. so youave to parse through it. >> charliewhat was the most inresting information that ca forward? >> the sileost intriguing were a series of commodity related businesses that trad off getting commodities out of russ. things like a moa pneumonia, fertiler. theseere basic money laundering opations for them. they operated all over the world. when these thing happen some of it always sticks to the fingers of the pple responsible for distributing it. it doesn't all go to the place intended. so what happenedss the soviet union began to fall apart it was every man for themself and people began to sal it we had the usual information coming fromisgruntled partne, coming from former colleues. that wasery, ver fruitful. >> charlie: what intrigues us all is t people
). warner: back in washington, there were mid signalsn the prospects for birtisan progress. lawmars from both parties agre with the focus on eating jobs b not on the best way to do it. >> the president and i agreeon the need meet inhe middle to find birtisan agreementto grow jobs. > warner: sene minority leader mitch mcconnll was on the floor earlier declaring he was ready to work withhe president. >> we know ineased american energy without a new national energy tax will grow od jobs. we know that increasing markets for our farmers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers overseas through trade reements will grow good jobs. we c get these done and i hope he president will joins in calling on the majority to bring thse issues to the floor he in the sate. >>eporter: and democrats prmised to roll out a new jobs agnda within the week. >> the three top sues onur agenda thiear are jobs, jobs nd jobs. neitr party can afford to overlook this iss or it will be seen as obstructingn it. if eher party dos, it will be their own political peril. >> warner: but on the house side, minority ader john boehneray
the usenate when the instry is pouring money into washington. 's a very difficult enviroent to have a reform bill passed. >> bergman: near every member of the senate banking commite has receivedarge contributions om the financial services iustry, including the airman of the mmittee, senator dodd. thfinancial services industry aprently has given as much as 0 million to the members of your committeever the last electionycle, $7 million to your camigns. >> mhmm. lot of gd it's done them, huh? ( ughs ) >> bergman: are you ying theye wasting their money giving you campaig contbutions? >> no, not necessarily i listen to people, but anody who thinks they can comen and make a campaign contbution and is going to get outcome based on thais certainly terriblyistaken. the need to reform credit ca practice has never been more importan.. >> bergman: dodd pnts to the fact that he introdud legiation to take on the credit carindustry earlier this year, adid his colleague in the housecongresswoman carolyn maloney. >> we can stop thesebusive practice had gotten to the point tha couldn't even go to the floo of
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